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MSc in Career Counseling and Guidance (MCCG)


Career counselors are now becoming an integral part of all institutions whether in secondary schools, high schools, colleges or universities. Most school chains in Pakistan have set up their own career counseling centers to provide counseling and guidance to their students which is now an attractive phenomenon for parents and students when choosing an institution. However, we seldom find staff that heads these units or works as counselor to be a qualified and professional career counselor. The same goes for colleges and universities which are now seeking to appoint psychologists and other trained professionals to provide career counseling facilities within their career development units.

Many of the schools have combined career counseling units with the international placement of collaboration units where international collaborations and placements of students at international universities is carried out and services provided through trained and professional staff. Hardly any institution in Pakistan, whether public or private, provides degree or diploma programs in career counseling, or career coaching and guidance. UMT has taken the initiative to offer an MSc in Career Counseling and Guidance (MCCG) in order to meet the dire need of qualified and competent career counselors to guide the youth in the formative years of their education.

Core Program Content

The MSc in Career Counseling and Guidance (MCCG) has been launched by the Center for Career Counseling and Guidance (C3G) at the School of Governance and Society at UMT. This  2-year degree  in  career counseling, and guidance offers a unique combination of in-depth study of career counseling, career management and coaching with practical training  in  career coaching skills. The core program will  equip students to achieve the skills of providing professional career counseling and learning coaching skills that are not only limited to educational counseling but also envelop human resource, organizational  and  job  management  areas. The program provides an opportunity to nurture yourself in acquiring a degree that makes you a mentor for others in providing guidance.

The Learning Outcome

During the 4 semesters, the students will learn from a team of highly qualified and renowned career counselors and educationists with extensive experience. The learning sessions will employ most advanced and modern teaching methodology, and will include classroom lectures, individual and group assignments, seminars and presentations, and finally project work.  The following core subject areas can be taken as compulsory and optional.

  • Concept and Theories of Career Counseling
  • Foundation of Career Counseling     
  • Career Development Counseling     
  • Communication Skills: Oral and Written     
  • Use of Technology in Career Counseling     
  • Management in Counseling     
  • Marketing Management in Counseling     
  • Motivation in Learning and Development     
  • Entrepreneurship and Counseling     
  • Psychological Methods in Career Counseling     
  • Psychometric Testing     
  • Life Career Development     
  • Theories and Practices in Counseling     
  • Advanced Career Counseling Skills     
  • Young Children and School Counseling     
  • Counseling College and Postgraduate Students     
  • Mid-career Counseling     
  • Labor Markets and Education     
  • Workplace Counseling     
  • Research Methodology     
  • Project/Dissertation

Career Opportunities

This degree is ideal for teachers, counselors or those connected with employees in a workplace environment. Diverse career opportunities are available in private and public sectors. Graduates can develop their careers in schools, colleges, universities, NGOs, multinational organizations, HR and professional development centers, or work as professional and educational consultants, etc.

Entry Requirement

Bachelor degree with minimum 2nd division

Preference will be given to students with:

  • Major in Psychology or Education
  • Relevant work experience

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