Director's Message

The School of Governance and Society (SGS) at the UMT has been established as a pioneering venture to launch inter-disciplinary programs in Government Studies and Public Policy. At the School, the purpose of education is not merely to enable prospective students and executives to obtain a degree and to excel in the public sector; it is also to instill in them a capacity to be curious, to discover their inner potential, to ask difficult questions, and to re-interpret the socioeconomic and political environment of Pakistan.

The endeavor is focused on enabling the students to find innovative solutions to the many failures of governance that plague us and to promote sustainable development. Learning at the School aims to empower the citizens and the leaders of tomorrow by giving them knowledge with compassion, information with independent thinking, management skills with a sense of justice, and governance capacity with equity.

The School’s collaboration with domestic and overseas academic and training institutions maintains and indeed raises, the high standards that are the hallmark of UMT. We hope that by enrolling at the School of Governance and Society, you will immensely enhance your prospects for public, corporate, and nongovernment development sectors, and also become the agent of change in your respective positions, as well as play a constructive role in building a progressive and socially just society as enlightened citizens.

Dr.Aisha Azhar

Director SGS

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