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UMT makes debut into terrorism studies at Ankara, Turkey in Terrorism Experts Conference, 15-16 October 2014

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Muhammad Feyyaz, Asst Professor School of Governance and Society participated  in two days long Terrorism Experts Conference organized by NATO- Centre of Excellence:Defence against Terrorism (COE-DAT) at Ankara on 15-16 October 2014. The conference was attended by more than 125 participants from 25 countries including practitioners, international and national experts and researchers, academics, important think tanks, as well as representatives from different NATO structures and related international organizations. Muhammad Feyyaz presented paper on ‘Voids, limitations and implications of national counter-narrative for Counter Terrorism – A case of Pakistan.’ His research was appreciated for its originality and breaking ground with common place notional emphasis on the ‘counter narrative’ than what it scientifically implies to effectively neutralize impact of terrorist propaganda in public spheres.

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