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BS Disaster Management

BSDM Program Roadmap

BS in Disaster Management curriculum is based on the HEC guidelines, and equips graduates with state of the art knowledge, techniques and skillset in disaster management.

School of Governance and Society (SGS)

Center for Disaster Management

Roadmap for BS Disaster Management Program

(First Semester)(Second Semester)
CodeCourse TitleTypeCHCodeCourse TitleTypeCH
EN111 English I Compulsory 3 ENG105 English II Compulsory 3
SS171 Pakistan Studies Compulsory 3 QM115 Statistics I Compulsory 3
MTH101 Mathematics Compulsory 3 HM150 Islamic Studies Compulsory 3
CRP236 Applied Geography General 3 IS135 Computer Applications Compulsory 3
MG120 Principles of Management General 3 PSY101 Introduction to Psychology General 3
DM111 Basic Science of Natural Hazards Foundation 3 DM121 Fundamentals of Disaster Management Foundation 3
Total 18 Total 18
(Third Semester)(Fourth Semester)
CodeCourse TitleTypeCHCodeCourse TitleTypeCH
ENG201 English III (Communication Skills and Report Writing) Compulsory 3 ENG202 English IV Compulsory 3
SOC201 Introduction to Sociology General 3 ECO201 Introduction to Economics General 3
NS141 Geology General 3 CRP138 Introduction to GIS General 3
ES101 Introduction to Environmental Science General 3 DM256 Gender Mainstreaming in Disaster Management Major 3
DM231 Basic Principles of Disaster Planning and Management Foundation 3 DM242 Community Based Disaster Management Foundation 3
DM241 Disasters and Sustainable Development Foundation 3
Total 18 Total 15
(Fifth Semester)(Sixth Semester)
CodeCourse TitleTypeCHCodeCourse TitleTypeCH
DM351 Hydro-meteorological Hazards Foundation 3 DM361 Emergency Management Foundation 3
DM352 Geo-Hazards Foundation 3 DM362 Disaster Risk Management Foundation 3
DM353 Complex and Biological Hazards Foundation 3 DM363 Economics of Disasters Major 3
DM354 Research Approaches in Disaster Management Major 3 DM364 Project Management in Context of Disasters Major 3
DM355 Applied Geomorphology and Natural Hazards Major 3 DM365 Multi-Hazard Vulnerabilities Major 3
Total 15 Total 15
(Seventh Semester)(Eighth Semester)
CodeCourse TitleTypeCHCodeCourse TitleTypeCH
DM471 Natural Hazards of Pakistan Major 3 DM472 Disasters Risk and Urbanization Major 3
DM481 Climate Change and Natural Hazards Major 3 DM482 Techniques of Hazard Mapping Major 3
DM473 GIS and Remote Sensing in Disaster Management Major 3 DM483 Practical in Disaster Management Major 3
DM474 Structural and Non-Structural Measures in DM Elective 3 CRP222 Climate Change and Disaster Management Elective 3
DM485 Role of Media in Disaster Management Elective 3 DM485b Flood Hazard Risk Reduction Elective 3
PRJ369 Research Project/Internship Major 3 DM684a Disaster Management Policies Elective 3
Total 18 Total 18
Total Credit Hours = 135

*CH = Credit Hours

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